Sharepoint and Office Integration: Lets Remove It!

Sharepoint’s ability to work seamlessly with Office 2007 and newer can be a great feature – when it works. Click to download and open a Word document, edit then save directly back to the Sharepoint site or using the Explorer View to bulk move files are both examples of integration features that can boost productivity.

The problem is that it requires that the site and all users connecting are within the same domain, the Sharepoint site is added to Internet Properties –> Intranet Sites (Security group),  and all users access the site with Internet Explorer…oh and as noted above Office is 2007 or newer. Otherwise client integration just doesn’t work well or fails completely greatly reducing productivity and frustrating users (as well as those supporting them).

Our Sharepoint site needed to work similarly for a range of browsers (Firefox,Chrome,Safari) and the majority of our user are outside the local Intranet in a trusted domain(s).

Here are the steps I used to remove the integration features to get a more consistent experience for our users. Collaboration on documents requires a few more steps (add saving locally and then uploading) but it works…

Change #1:

Sharepoint Central Management –> Application Management –> Authentication Providers –> Enable Client Integration (No) edit client integration

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