Virtual Server 2005 R2–Yes some of us still use it….

Just a quick post about trying to manage Virtual Server 2005 R2 these days. Tribulations follow but the bottom line I found is the VSWebApp.exe web-based management interface is NOT Internet Explorer 9 compatible. Many of the action command fail to execute when clicked. Attempts to do a “Shutdown Guest OS” or subsequently “Remove” resulted in no actions happening. Put IE9 into IE7 compatibility mode which does the trick – all commands worked correctly now.

I had a disk full issue on the host server that put one of the virtual servers into a paused state. The host server is running Server 2003/Virtual Server 2005 R2 and hosting 4 virtual servers.

Should I be migrated to Server 2008/Hyper-V, probably, but that’s somewhere on the to-do list.

To freeing up space on the full drive (E:) the quickest solution was to move one of the vservers to a different drive (F:) on the same host. I shutdown the host and moved the virtual drive files over to F: and deleted from E:. I quickly learned this wasn’t the best when the vserver disappeared from the master list so I copied back the *.vmc configuration file and it re-appeared. Documentation says to “Remove” the vserver before making this type of change – then you can add it back from the new location.

At the administration website go to the navigation pane and click Master Status. If the vserver you want to remove is still running it needs to be shutdown. Mouse over the virtual machine name and from the pop-out menu select “Shutdown Guest OS”  – click – and nothing happened. Ugh! Login to the vserver and do normal Shutdown. Back to the Master Status page, mouse over vserver name again and now you’ll see “Remove” – click – and nothing happened again!

About 10 minutes of troubleshooting the light bulb went off and it was a browser compatibility issue with the old application and new IE9. Put IE9 into IE7 mode and all the commands worked!

Removed the vserver and then added it back in from the new location. Once added back you’ll need to re-input the password for the run account.