ReadyNAS Duo, NV+ and wireless networking problems


The ReadyNAS network attached storage devices sets an aggressive networking for optimum throughput. But many wireless adapters can’t handle these aggressive settings. (now I’ve learned) If affected you’ll experience very slow networking to and from the ReadyNAS. Fix is you need to change the MTU setting to 1430 on the laptop’s or other affected device’s wireless networking interface. A story and how-to follows,

At some point this past fall this slow wireless issue affected my laptop’s wireless connection to the ReadyNAS NV+ (I’ve had for 3+ years and the laptop for well over a year). Don’t know why it popped up last Fall – perhaps I made a change on the ReadyNAS not knowing it would affect the wireless connections. Writing files to the ReadyNAS over wireless was actually fine but Reading files became excruciatingly slow.

Connecting to the Internet or other computers there was no speed issues only reading files off the ReadyNAS. Windows would report very slow 10Kbs connections speeds while attempting to copy a file from the ReadyNAS, trying to view an image file would take many seconds to load, and attempting to listen to an mp3 file was minutes before it would start playing.

For whatever reason I didn’t trust that a Google search for the issue would lead to anything so I didn’t try (very not smart). So now 4 months later and many useless hardware/software changes, I finally decided to Google the issue and right at the top of the results is the answer – posted over at,

“Bott’s Thoughts” – Wireless Performance Issues with Vista/Windows7 and the ReadyNAS

Check out that post with some helpful screen shots of how to make these settings – I’ll just summarize how to get the MTU value set to 1430,

1. Launch a Command prompt in “Use as Administrator” mode
2. Issue this command:

netsh interface ipv4 show subinterfaces

3. You’ll most likely see your “Wireless Network Connection” has its MTU set to 1500
4. Issue this command:

netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Wireless Network Connection" mtu=1430 store=persistent

5. Now reboot

6. Slow reading from the ReadyNAS is now gone!