Migrate Sharepoint Databases

Problem after renaming database server – duplicates and adding a new server gives error – still pointing to old db server. I’m unsure how good the “stsadm renameserver” command is since the database still appeared to have the old name that didn’t seem to keep the existing site/WFE from working but I couldn’t add any new servers/WFE – such as to add the RS Integration.

Not fully understanding the Sharepoint_Config database but the duplicate database server was in the [Objects] table but eventually I was able to rename the “Name” of the old database server. This text field was reported in Central Admin and when using the Config Wizard to add a new server it appeared to me that it was used as the “server=” connection string.

I renamed the “oldserver” to “newserver.sphcm.washington.edu” – gave full DNS. Eventually I deleted what I thought was the newer entry and using this simply renamed entry.

..Follow up in next post about errors adding another server/WFE